The Autobiography Of Brett Donowho

The origin place of birth of Brett Donowho was Houston in Texas. Later on in his life he moved to Brooklyn in New York and finally settled in Los Angeles. He spent his early in the streets of New York City where he used to create melodies using plastic buckets and other objects. It was during the sessions of street drumming that a talent agent located the natural aptitude of the young man. View  Brett Donowho wife

Brett Donowho debuted in the film career in the year 2001 when he took part in the movies The Car Thief and The Hit Man.The actor who had two brothers named Matthew who was the eldest and John who was born after him, collaborated with Emile Hirsch to produce another successful piece called The Mudge Boy. The role that Brett was assigned in the film was a portray of him as an ambivalent sexual persona.

When he played a role in the movie Imaginary Heroes the gay community found it easy to establish a relationship with him in an upbeat fashion. Similar effect was achieved after he participated in another project, A Home At The End Of The World. The crew and the cast of the latter movie together with his brother Matthew joined him at the gay and femme carnival that Los Angeles plays host to yearly. The festival is popularly referred to as Outfest and took part in 2004.

He had his appearance in debuts like Alexis Dziena, Bringing Rain and Rodrigo Lopresti. The O.C. producers picked Donowho to act as Johnny Harper when the film entered its third season. In 2006, Brett had the opportunity of acting the role of Stanley in the reworking of the hit Strangers With Candy. Incidentally he did not make his appearance in the final version of the film but got the chance to do so in Altitude and Rites Of Passage where he played the leading role as Nathan. See  Brett Donowho wife

Brett married an actress Angel Mccord but their union lasted for four months after the sister of the star of 90210 named AnnaLynne Mccord filed for a divorce. For his brilliant movie career, Brett has been the recipient of a number of awards. During the San Diego International Film Festival, he was feted twice for his part in the 2006 hit, The Favor. The Best Actor awards included the Festival Award and the Achievement In Acting. He would later on reap the benefits of appearing in the film, Salvation when the Los Angeles Cinema Festival Of Hollywood decided that he deserved the Best Actor award.